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“0 to 30” – Become a runner with a plan that is designed for real beginners.  

This beginner running plan will take you from zero, to running comfortably for 30-minutes straight.

If you can’t currently run for more than 2-minutes straight without stopping to catch your breath, then this program is for you. 

We all know that running is hard and just the thought of it makes people not want to run at all. But running is one of the fastest ways to lose fat, stay in shape and live a long & healthy life. You might be struggling to find the time to run with a demanding work schedule, kids and other commitments, but all you really need is 30 minutes per day! 

Some will say they experience knee pain when they run more than 2 minutes. Some say they get out of breath quickly and feel as if their heart will stop after jogging more than 5 minutes. These are just a few of the struggles I hear time and time again. But with my basic strengthening sessions of a few key exercises to be done only 1 time a week, you will strengthen your knees and get your legs ready for pain-free running. And my program is designed for real beginners with only 3 times per week sessions which will slowly get you in shape in only 12 weeks to run for 30-minutes straight.

Running is the key to more energy, happiness, weight loss, boosted self-confidence and a better life. Today, you become a runner for a healthier life with my 0to30 program.

Ready to begin?

Here’s what you receive with this plan:

  • 12 weeks of a daily detailed training program
  • 12 weeks of a daily meal plan of what you should eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner & even snacks!
  • Video tutorials along with the workouts of Gretta demonstrating proper form of every move from every angle! This is better than any PT as you can view the video as many times as you want.
  • Online access that never expires! Once you purchase the plan, it’s yours to keep even once you complete the 12 weeks!

**When you purchase this 12 week program guide, you will create an account. Please remember your login username and password so that you can access your daily workouts & meal plan. Click My Account for access to your workout schedule.

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